La Guillette, house of Maupassant in Etretat

The house by François Tassart, Maupassant’s valet:
My master touches my arm : « Look down there, at the bottom of the valley, it’s La Guillette, my
house, that I really like ».
We are first arrived at Etretat; my master takes the opportunity to rest and work on a new one of
this chronicles…
His garden occupies him; he spends hours with Cramoyson, discussing the locations for the summer
beds. He goes around his garden several times, visits his goldfish, returns to bathe his eyes; often he
writes until 11 o’clock, then he takes his tub in cold water, makes his toilet and lunch. After which,
he fires every day his forty to fifty bullets with the pistol …



The house Maupassant is located in Etretat in an area called the Grand Val, a few hundred meters
from the sea.

57, rue Guy de Maupassant, Étretat

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